To measureably improve investor performance

Things we do:​

  • Provide processes and procedures to improving investor performance through Rapid Performance Assessment™​
  • Provide effective training on Behavioral Trading™ and technical support tools​
  • Enable investors to review their performance often by simplifying delivery of information ​
  • Use open source tools wherever possible to keep costs down​
  • Evolve the software based on client feedback to ensure maximum value​
  • Provide a clear roadmap for clients to understand when new features will come available to keep clients informed​

Things we will not do​

  • Provide investment advice, e.g., trade setups, equity selection, etc.​
  • Compete with real time platforms like TradeStation, ThinkorSwim, etc.​
  • Provide direct access for managing trades (buy, sell) at financial institutions​
  • Replace Quicken or Microsoft Money as a personal finance software​
  • Develop automated trading routines​

Vision: High Performance Investing

Training, processes and tools that measurably improve investing performance​

coupled with​

Behavioral insights to reduce self-limiting behaviors​

supported by​

Proven and comprehensive metrics that deliver improved decision-making​


Train the mind, improve the investor